Four Picks #3

Four Picks #2

  • In Super-Simple Mutation Testing Dr. James McCaffrey explains a simple and practical way for using Mutation Testing to measure the effectiveness of a set of test cases
  • Coded UI Test and FitNesse shows you how to integrate a widely used acceptance testing framework FitNesse with newly lunched feature Coded UI Test in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • An introduction to Sahi – Sahi is a test automation tool built for testing Web Applications. The Part 1 gives a quick introduction to the tool while Part 2 covers testing web applications developed with ExtJs framework
  • Now something on Watir – Here is Watir Page Helper Gem which provides some useful helper methods when creating Page Objects using Watir-WebDriver

Four Picks #1

I’ll be running this post on a regular interval, sharing with you four best links on testing, test automation and emerging technologies. This is first in the series and hope you like it.

Four Picks #1

  • StarEast 2011 Making Test Automation Work in Agile Projects presentation from Lisa Crispin. This presentation talks about applying whole team approach for test automation in Agile Projects. There is a great wisdom written in these slides.
  • I.M.Testy (a.k.a Bj Rollison) has written interesting post Automation isn’t bad; bad automation is bad!!
  • Spring 2011 issue of Methods and Tools is out with some interesting articles. I particularly liked
    • Automated Acceptance Tests & Requirements Traceability – This article explores an approach for automated acceptance testing of a Java application using Concordian.
    • RSpec Best Practices – RSpec is a widely used tool for BDD in Ruby. Author explains various best practices while using RSpec in BDD/TDD approach.
  • Design Patterns In Python – I came across this interesting online book through a Twitter link. This book explains commonly used design patterns in Python and how these can be used in Test Automation context. Great read!!