Hi, I’m a software developer in test and currently working as a Test Automation Architect. Having spent about 13 years in software development and test automation with various commercial and open source tools, this blog shares my experience on the topic of technical QA and testing. The content and opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my current or past employers.

I started implementing test automation with a number of different tools and frameworks for applications involving dozens of technology platforms in PLM & BFSI domain. During this time I have also successfully trained people on using automation tools and frameworks for building a robust and maintainable test automation.

I’m based out of Pune, India and you can find more about me on http://in.linkedin.com/in/unmeshg and http://twitter.com/upgundecha

I have written the Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook and Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python from PacktPub. You can know more about the book by visiting http://goo.gl/L3zpz

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Mr. Unmesh Gundecha,

    I bought your book. Thanks for your precious effort. I haven’t finished it yet. It is a very well-written book. I’m hoping to reach you from here. I’m hoping to get an answer about a situation that had took tremendous amount of time. I looked over the internet and tried some of the solutions provided but nothing helped me yet. I’m a bit in a hurry(this is for work) so I need some tips.

    I’m trying to automate a website that has ext.net controls using selenium webdriver & C#. I can’t get some elements by using FindElement method, I get ElementNotFoundException. Also some of the elements I can get by xpath or id are not clickable because I get ElementNotVisibleException. I’m having a hard time about this even though I tried JavaScriptExecutor methods that types text to controls and some other advices. But so far nothing works. Do you have any advices on handling automation for extjs using selenium?

    With best regards,

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